Doing fintech

before fintech

We were starting fintech
companies way before it was cool.
Jake (
) co-founded NerdWallet,
one of the original consumer fintech companies,
and Sheel (
) has had 2
fintech exits, FeeFighters and Innovative Auctions.
We've been investing together for several years, including in Albert, Lattice, Mercury, Ironclad, Flexport, and Ramp. BTV is our first institutional fund.
BTV leads rounds
in pre-seed and seed-stage
fintech companies


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Investment Geography

We are the subject-matter experts.

We're experienced early-stage fintech investors. With 100+ fintech investments between us, we co-invest with most Tier 1 VCs.

We’ve built and exited startups in the field ourselves, and we've worked with/at incumbents.

We've assembled a team of experienced

operators just as fintech-obsessed as we are.