Financial technology
will create a better tomorrow.

BTV is building and investing to create that future.

Startups are hard. Fintech is even harder. We can help.

As experienced operators,
we specialize in shortening
learning curves.

Founders look to us for help with hiring, building, company culture, distribution, strategic partners, fundraising, and everything it takes to win.

Get to know us
Itai, Founder & CEO

We wouldn't be where we are without BTV.

Their network is unbeatable, and they went out of their way to help us in every critical area: ideation, key hires, customer intros, and fundraising.

Their connection with founders, business instincts, and hustle make BTV perfect partners for early-stage teams.

Itai, Founder & CEO

Ema, Founder

Better Tomorrow Ventures has an uncanny ability to see an opportunity before everyone else catches on.

They were our first believers, and they helped us rapidly develop our GTM and get off the ground quickly.

This is our 3rd company, and we’ve never worked with investors who have been more accessible — and every BTV company will say the same.

Ema, Founder

Mary, Founder & CEO

BTV has been a huge part of our journey, especially as first-time founders.

They offer so much beyond capital. What sets them apart is their remarkable responsiveness and hands-on support they provide. They have been consistently there for us.

Their confidence in our team and our mission has been a constant source of motivation, pushing us to do hard things, and to strive for excellence.

Mary, Founder & CEO

Yoseph, Founder & CEO

We chose BTV because we wanted a true partner who aligned with our values and got fintech.

When we met Jake and Sheel, they fit the bill perfectly — it was an easy decision. They know how to be helpful (easily our most responsive investors!), how to push when needed, and how to trust founders to build amazing companies.

Just as a founder is only as good as the team they recruit, investors are only as good as the founders they invest in. And the quality of every BTV founder I've met speaks volumes.

Yoseph, Founder & CEO

Daniel, Founder & CEO

When thinking about seed funding for my second startup, I wanted a seed-focused fund to take the lead role and be more actively involved in the company's early days.

I'm glad I went with Better Tomorrow Ventures. They've been critical to Coast in every lane: connecting and promoting us to follow-on investors, helping to close key candidates of every seniority, enabling key partnerships, and beyond.

Even after our Series A, we're in constant contact. BTV is my first phone call for a range of strategic issues.

Daniel, Founder & CEO

Khalid, Founder & CEO

Working with Better Tomorrow Ventures has been key to Selfbook’s development as the foremost comprehensive transaction engine for hotels.

BTV’s feedback and introductions have been instrumental to overcoming challenges and supercharging our growth, and working with such an engaging, communicative, and fun team has made our collaboration all the more successful.

Their targeted fintech expertise has helped us fine-tune our pricing strategy and vision, while their extensive network has allowed us to work with the brightest talents in the industry.

Selfbook is now taking the world of hotels by storm and has been deeply impacted by BTV’s insight. Their support transcends financing and makes my work as founder — and our work as a team at Selfbook — more fruitful every day.

Khalid, Founder & CEO

We know first hand how hard it is to build world-class companies. We wantwant to be an extension of your founding team, and your first call.

We know first hand how hard it is to build world class companies. We want to be an extension of your founding team and your first call.